Out of 8 companies surveyed, only Twitter would rule out helping Trump build a database of Muslims


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That’s dumb of them. President Trump is, like, half of Twitter’s traffic. Sad!


Is “Don’t Be Evil” still Google’s motto?


You beat me to it, @Modusoperandi!




He doesn’t need Twitter after 20 Jan…


So much for that. Although telling employees to “do the right thing” might do just as well if Google tried to fire them for sabotaging an evil project like this.


I don’t blame Microsoft here much. They’re falling back on standard PR of “You’re asking us about something that hasn’t even happened so fuck you, we’re not answering and digging ourselves in with anyone.” Cowardly, maybe, but standard corporate PR.


I encourage everyone to change their faith to “Muslim” unless your own personal religious beliefs might pose a dilemma for you in doing so. Let them make sense of a database that suddenly has ten million more Muslims than they thought, many of whom are so white and nerdy that Weird Al looks positive Rob Lowe’ish when standing next to them.


So, these companies were ‘asked’ in some sorta way. But three-quarters of them didn’t even respond…so we will ASSUME that it means they are going to do it and agree with it.

This has to be yet another ‘cory story’. Oh wait…it is. Yet another link to fake news that he can’t seem to understand has absolutely no substance.


I don’t disagree, but something about “…the banality of evil…” comes to mind.


You are disappoint.


Shouldn’t the headline be more like, “6 Tech companies didn’t dignify the question with a response.”?

OH wait - more clicks…


No. I’m rather appoint. Because it is to be expected with this ‘journalist’.

However, given that all the other journalists here know how to write actual news, I realize he is the designated troll that should be working at Buzzfeed instead. Unless they get more ads because of him.


“No answer” is better than “yes.”


As in morally right or alt-right?


Maybe you did. Neither Cory, nor the Intercept article did.

In fact, the Intercept article explicitly notes the opposite.

This isn’t to say that the companies that didn’t reply to a request for comment or declined that request are tacitly endorsing the Trump agenda in general or a Muslin registry in particular.



With the exception of SRA International and Booz Allen Hamilton who would sell their mother to the Nazis if it meant getting a bigger paycheck, the other companies actually have quite a few statements on their sites that go directly against helping out in ANY regard like this at a very broad level. Even Microsoft that did themselves absolutely no favors with their response has stated policies that are contrary to anything like this.

The question is so fucking insanely asked that no company in their right mind would response. With the exception of Microsoft. Which reading their response clearly shows that it was such a stupid fucking question that they gave it to a junior intern on their first day who forgot to actually run the response by the company but instead gave it to their Communications 101 TA to proofread. Because anything else would be insane.


No, it is a cover your ass statement and nothing more from Sam Biddle is pretty much known for his own dogwhistles from his days working with Nick Denton at Gawker. Where he got sued on multiple occasions and was one of the main defendants against Hulk Hogan. And where he tweeted several pro-gamergate messages because he was profiting off of the controversy. And destroyed several folks lives because he thought it was ‘funny’. This is the sort of journalist that is linked to.


You seem to be confusing this with a news site. There aren’t any “journalists” here.

Personally, I mostly read Boing Boing for @doctorow’s pieces.