Senate votes to allow ISPs to collect and sell personal data without permission


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(gravely) “VPNs”

Just don’t expect to be able to log into boingboing bbs.


I’m not surprised. The hypocrisy of the Republicans is just mind-boggling.

So, anyone have some suggestions on ways to get around this - I’m not very tech savvy but I’ve dabbled with VPNs and DNS privacy solutions, but not in a long time. What’s the best, cheapest way to get privacy these days?


“Why not?” asked the guy who was logged into boingboing bbs through a VPN.



VPN. I use Private Internet Access and haven’t had any issues with it. The only downside is I have to turn it off to play Steam games.


I’m not sure a VPN will do a bit of good. What the ISPs are selling isn’t your dick pix; it’s your address and (maybe) credit card. There is, at present, no way to buy service without providing most of that information. Maybe if you live in mom’s basement your name won’t be on the account.

The problem arises when “big data” can link your personal information to the information you thought was private, such as your favorite brand of jam or membership in the Elks Lodge. People with Facebook have already given up on privacy, but for those of us who may be trans, undocumented or union, some protection might be vitally important. That’s where your VPN comes in handy, along with a little basic tradecraft.


Huh. Must just be good n’ lucky, then…no problems yet, here.


WFT is with them anyway?


… Shitheads.


Now you’re just being hyperbolic.


I’m starting a company called, “Congressional Browsing Histories” where I will buy the related records of our elected leaders and then resell them to newspapers or anyone with a few bucks. What could possibly go wrong?


What a boon to be the chosen ISP of congress! BTW, who is the ISP for congress? Does the federal government have it’s own self-administered ISP?


Let’s see, which prominent Republican senators have seats that are up for re-election in 2018? Ted Cruz of Texas and Orrin Hatch of Utah are two whose names I recognize. Might as well add in Jeff Flake of Arizona, who sponsored this bill.

I wonder which ISP(s) provides them internet service at home, and I wonder how much their 2018 challengers would have to pay the ISP(s) to get their browsing history.


[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:97592”]the requirement that cable and broadband providers offer customers a choice before selling their sensitive, personal information[/quote]As in, “Click ‘I Agree’ to continue”.


Along with realtime information on what your IP address is, I suspect. That would make the data rather valuable to advertisers.



and everything you’re browsing or doing in the clear across their network… VPNs solve that.


A certain, very nasty, unctuous, corporate profit-maximizing, regulation friction-reducing enabling-entity known as the Trump administration; it allows all the sluice gates to be quickly and smoothly lifted up and the long held back shit to run out and into our lives.


that you know of… [FTFY]