The 265 Republican Congressjerks who just nuked your online privacy sold out for chump change


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techno fascism


So, which VPN service to use? Or will it make a difference?



More than anything this clearly shows where the Republican’s real fealty lies - with corporations, not the citizens of this country.


Check out these guys. I use them and have never had any issues.


Thanks! I have a feeling that they and others like them are going to be very busy.

Oh, and did I mention already? FUCK THOSE GUYS!


Yes, it will make a difference.


Seconded; I subscribed a few days ago and although their upload speed is occasionally a little limited, I generally can’t tell the difference in speed when the VPN is off compared to on.

If you buy a year’s subscription it works out as $3 or so a month. They don’t log anything and although they don’t support using their VPN to get round copyright-related geolocking (as in, you can do it but they won’t tell you how), I have no complaints with their service whatsoever.

Also, you get VPN access for five devices with one subscription, so Mrs Cynical and I both have our phones and laptops secured for that $3 a month.


But regulation is like bad and stuff!!! We can’t get in the way of companies fuckery as that destroys freedom and makes baby supply-side Jesus cry.


Here is a good article on setting up VPNs from FreeCodeCamp


I wonder how much access to the (apparently not sensitive or personal) internet activity data of these fine human beings would cost?

Since I can’t have their heads, that would at least make for some entertaining reading.


If they “sold out for chump change,” maybe they didn’t “sell out” at all, and instead actually believed they were taking the right course of action. Not every bad decision a politician makes is in response to money from lobbyists, you know.


I love the idea, but many of these scumbags don’t know how to use one of those newfangled computer things, so they don’t really have Internet activity. (They have lower level peons in the office to do those sorts of things for them, but it’s not like they sully themselves by touching those devil devices themselves.)

It’s not like they care about protecting their constituents anyway, at least not the poor folk who’ll be hurt the most by this kind of action. If they don’t actually care much about on what they’re voting, they may as well set their selling price low, right?

Again, I come back to they don’t actually understand on what they’re voting, so their believing that anything is the right course of action is like asking the squirrels in my backyard what sort of car I should buy.



No. Fascism!


Don’t know about these guys specifically, but they are the VPN recommended by Freenode, who are pretty trustworthy.

Getting ready to buy accounts for all my family (if needed – wonder if I can use a BeagleBone to create a house-wide proxy server?), and I’ll probably go with them.

My congressman got a whopping $6,000.


Corporate lives matter.


I made calls to Washington D.C. urging them not to do this. I don’t know why I bothered. These people aren’t representatives of you, me or any other citizen. They’re completely subservient to their corporate masters, unquestioning and mindless tools. Even if they weren’t entirely corrupt, they’re not intelligent enough to comprehend what they’ve done.


Hey GOP (I see you again Ted):