Those "heroic rogue GOP senators" just helped Trump shield Equifax and Wells Fargo from lawsuits


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We are sofa king screwed.




Oh, well.


Sometimes I wonder if the Heritage Foundation has the world’s biggest collection of blackmail files.


Those “heroic rogue GOP senators” just helped Trump shield Equifax and Wells Fargo from lawsuits did what they always do

Sure, they aren’t “heroic” or “rogue” in everything they do, hell I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are ever heroic. But I don’t think that there was ever any indication that they were suddenly going to vote against Trump on everything. This is them standing by their principals, shitty principals, but principals none the less.


I’m morbidly curious if any of them have actually engaged in any form of “beyond this financial quarter” thought on this*, and realize that they’re overgrazing the commons. After all, once there’s nothing left to loot from the average American, what will happen to those stock portfolios based on fleecing them? (Aside from a continuing boom in privatized prisons, of course)

*obviously not, but, hey, worth pondering.



They may be fed up with Trump, but you can’t expect them to become Democrats. The leopard won’t change his spots.


Why would this surprise anybody? To a real degree, their problem with Trump is that he is such and extreme shitshow, he might tarnish the Republican “brand” and take them with him. They really have no problem with government of the 1% for the 1%.


I probably just sound like an echo of others here, but really this is just expected. None of these assholes are going to do anything good for the people of the US. It’s just that since they won’t be running for re-election they can finally let their egos out and swing back at Trump instead of swallowing their pride and taking it like all their colleagues are.


Was gonna say. This is what they’d do anyway, with or without Trump.


Perhaps the mainstream GOP are afraid that Brannon-endorsed, extreme conservative loons will supplant them in next years elections (read: take their ‘jobs’), so they have to make a real show of just how in tune they are with Trump’s desires and policies just to survive 2018.


You can be a patriot or you can be a Republican. You can’t be both. (Which is not to say that patriotism is necessarily a condition of our Conservative Lite party, the Democrats. About all they can say for themselves right now is that they’re not responsible for the orange madman who’s about to get us into a nuclear war.)


It’s Dear Leader’s party now.


Even after his big farewell speech yesterday, Flake sent out an eNewsletter to his constituents saying he’s all for 45’s tax cuts. I guess he’s learned well from his colleague McCain.


Slightly better than nothing, these guys.


I wouldn’t go that far. I’d definitely vote for Empty Chair over any of them.


Not my definition of ‘heroic’ or ‘rogues’…


On balance, so would I.
What tips the scale slightly from 0 on a 1 to 10 is that they publicly criticize the tweeter and divert his attention from more critical matters than how he feels about them.
It’s certainly preferable to have him insult veteran members of his own party than foreign leaders.

Or is that just wishful thinking?