An oddly soothing live jellyfish cam

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I tried streaming a dead jellyfish cam once.

It wasn’t nearly as soothing.


The Newport Aquarium in Kentucky had, and hopefully still has, one of the most brilliant layout ideas I’ve ever encountered. There’s an otter exhibit in a large, open room made of artificial rock so it’s noisy and boisterous.

The next room is the jellyfish exhibit: completely silent, all deep burgundy carpet, and the only light is from the aquaria.


This I will sleep to.


The Jellyfish cam has been streaming way longer than March - This and the Vancouver Aquarium webcam ( ) have been my go-to “second monitor backdrop” for a couple years at least.
A warning though - jellyfish need their sleep too, so the Vancouver one goes dark (and I think the Monterey one starts looping old footage) overnight.

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