An ode to moths and their breathtaking biophysics

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Flying Inoshiro Honda GIF by Turner Classic Movies


Never mind the oversized kaiju. The real mothpocalypse is when they invade by the millions, as they do in New Mexico every five or six years (last time was 2020; usually army cutworm moths). These suckers can damage your car by clogging up the radiator or in extreme cases covering your windshield at night on I-25.

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:thinking: Are you sure nobody in the area is playing this on a loop? :wink:


Super bummed that I can’t find a clip of Peter Strickland’s Mothlight homage from Duke of Burgundy

loop moth GIF

ETA: for those of you who love lepidoptera, there is an artist in NY who makes absolutely beautiful supersized moth and butterfly sculptures. I own a luna moth and it brings me much joy! Her shop updates are ever other month or so and she always posts about it on her instagram


Arthur Askey covered the mothly life nicely in his own ode to the critters:

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