Moths of unusual size in Southeast Asia


It’s fascinating that there are “superstitions about the moths”, and that some think this is a “bad omen”. But if the swarm is a product of unusual weather conditions which themselves are a product of climate change then it could be a very bad omen indeed.

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I suspect that there was an unusually strong breeze from the direction of monster island.


Let me ask the twins, maybe they know something about this.


I guess the fairies that accompanied the swarm have gone unnoticed.

(Edit: I see NashRambler beat me to it with an even better line.)


Goddamn, those things are huge.


Ominous MOUS is ominous.

What exactly do you do with something of that size? Even if you successfully squish it, it’ll just make a big mess – but it’s so huge I think an attempt at squishing would more likely only be partially successful, producing this giant ugly flappy oozing thing flomping around the room in a panic AAAAAAAAAA.

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You eat it.

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Cats love them!


I don’t think they exist.

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Basic science suggests that large moths become numerous when easy food sources become numerous.

Moths in general become numerous when food sources and predation are inversely correlated (food source up, predation down).

Thus we answer: we do know why but wherefore, whence and hitherto are the questions.

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Also the wing dust would get everywhere.

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