Moth displays relatively large protuberances





also nope


Reeeeaaaally wish I hadn’t clicked on that.


…and I just threw up.


“Crikey, he’s a feisty one!!”


That’s disgusting! I’d like some creationist to explain just what exactly god or anybody else had in mind with that stunt.


Obviously a Japanese moth.


This isn’t as disgusting as I thought. If you want disgusting click the link below!
You were warned!


Here’s the YouTube video of Mark’s GIF


On the other hand, my first thought was “where is your god now?!”


What are we looking at here? Is that a moth getting a hard-on? I’d like to know the context of the GIF


If I am googling correctly, it is an androconial organ — an inflatable scent gland used in mating.


Male salt marsh moths, Estigmene acrea (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae), possess inflatable androconial organs called coremata. Prior to mating males form aggregations and inflate their coremata en masse.

There’s a lovely picture for you.


“Click on this image of a moth ***if you want your nightmares to be made real.***”



unsee button please.


What you gon’ do with all that junk,
that junk everted from your trunk?
I’ma lure an inamorata,
lure her with my coremata!


Okay, so these are ‘relatively large protuberances’.
Which suggests there also are ‘freaking HUGE protuberances’ out there…


Now that’s a “grower,” ladies.


So I suppose that’s the cockroach cluster they are talking about here:

(Within the context of this thread - be very, very warned)


Unicorn chaser pls. Ideally one without a stimulated horn growth


Nah, this is the completely harmless version. Try Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl.