Grossout video: Moth and tick removed from man's ear




At least the moth let them find the tick before it got huge and disgusting.

Also, it looked like they left the head of the tick still attached.


Nothing gross on it. Maybe except the somewhat less than competent use of somewhat less than suitable kind of tweezers. But guess you use the tools and personnel you have, not those you want.


Luckily, the instinct to video and photograph the event superseded the instinct to immediately focus on removal of the insect.

Gotta get it on the Facebooks.


“It’s a good thing we’re not completley wasted right now…”



I have just been sliding down a utube of grossness – the suggested similar videos seem to get worse.


If you want really gross, go forensic entomology. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a moth–just like the one we found in Benjamin Raspail’s head an hour ago.

Why does he place them there, Doctor?


Do. Not. Want. To. Watch.


Good thing they didn’t have to use a doctor and cause a payment of money for that work.


After listening to him I think the conglomerate intelligence in his skull dropped significantly when the moth was removed.


i worry about leaving part of the tick in, that is how people get really sick…


At least a doc would have been done the job properly, without leaving tick mouth parts behind and pulling pieces of the moth off while it tried to crawl in further … But then also no video for Reddit and BB to laugh at, so maybe DIY has its advantages. :wink:


Look at that. Well, this one’s representative of his sickly breed.


There are quite some videos by doctors all over Youtube. Check e.g. the somewhat bloody (you have been warned) “Bizarre ER” channel.


Could be worse, you could be watching video of an overweight mer-dufus in an altered bondage outfit. Thankfully that one was just a still.



Can’t believe I’m the first to say this…


Probably not actually one of these


Am I the only one thinking maybe he wouldn’t get so many insects living in his ear canal if it wasn’t THE SIZE OF THE HOLLAND TUNNEL? Seriously, that’s not normal. A small child could have just reached their arm in their and grabbed the moth.


Is this going to turn into another epic recursive ear wax removal thread of posts? Cuz that would be disgusting - and awesome.