Watch this gross yet oddly satisfying video of earwax removal, if you dare

Originally published at: Watch this gross yet oddly satisfying video of earwax removal, if you dare | Boing Boing

Not for the squeamish.

Um, yeah.


I don’t. So I won’t.

I’m doing my part to avoid wasting limited resources such as eye bleach and unicorn chasers.

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That’s about the only thing that my wife, who is an RN can not stand. When she was still working as a Medical Assistant, she dreaded having to do earwax, as it always made her gag.


What? No one has already posted this?



Not as gross as I was hoping. I’ve heard first hand stories of lil critters stuck in the muck.


But that’s not even close to the most popular ear wax channel… This is

Though this one is a bit scarier… if you understand Chinese.


Those wusses made such a fuss.

They ought to have watched this first.

I’m doing my part by avoiding the absolute trash fire that is Insider(dot)com and all their affiliated websites. Seriously, just do not promote their crap-ass content.

I recently purchased a Bebird ear cleaner. It’s got a camera and pairs to my phone so I can clean my own ears.

No, I did not make any videos.

Insider’s experts explain/rate/whatever reaction videos feature legit experts and I like them.

I’m not a huge fan of formulaic tcontent farm content, but those videos I’m fine with. Not gonna click on this one though, not even gonna look at the poster frame on the BB home page.

Wasn’t there an episode of Futurama like that

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Magic Schoolbus, too.

I have something similar. It doesn’t really help. It’s basically a VERY tiny webcam with light. I can see I have something in one ear and not the other. But it is never really long or stable enough to reach.

I bet that felt soooo good once it was out.

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