This earwax remover with a built-in camera is cheap with a discount code

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Only stick your elbow in your ear, ever.




Your Doctor: “You want to do what? No don’t do that.”


I’m trying to imagine a doctor demonstrating how a patient should use this. Mine would probably just take it away, stick it in a drawer, and repeat your warning.


Brought to you by Beethoven Inc., a subsidiary of the people who brought you the Bat-O-Matic.


I might get one to help me pick locks, not pick my ear…

Do you remember what it felt like to have a soul?


I would assume all sorts of things (which side you sleep on, which side of your car the steering wheel is on, which hemisphere of the planet you live on) effect ear wax buildup.

Though I’m not sure if a camera would be better for being careful, or worse for obsessive cleaning. Plus, who’s to say who could watch me without my knowledge? My ears deserve privacy, too.

I mean, I get how this product would appeal to a certain kind of person, but if you want to dig around in your ear you don’t need to spend all that money. Get yourself to Daiso and pick up a two pack of mimikaki for a couple of dollars and move on with your life.

Guys, how else are you supposed to check on your brain spiders?

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I kinda think this may actually be a good thing to use especially given the modern phenomenon of ‘ear buds’ and the like.

My main concern would be finding the right DOP, camera operator, focus puller and grip.

Live Twitch streaming is about to get worse


But I don’t want to see what the inside of my ear looks like.

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