An Ohio RadioShack Facebook page says "We closed. F--- all of you"


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Having been to RadioShack in Ohio, I’d say that was their attitude before they closed, too.



hope that doesn’t happen to BBS.


“We closed. F— all of you”

Bitter, is no way to go through life.


Fatalistic sarcasm is the mean default attitude of Ohioans.

This is the only way we can maintain our stance of shitting on our home state while vigorously defending it from outsiders.


“Well, I’m from Cow-lumbus, a little burg that likes to pretend it’s a big state capital, stuck in the middle of cornfields, not even good enough to have our own pro sports team.”
“Heh, yeah, seems like a crappy place.”
“SCREW YOU MAN!! Are you from Michigan or something? OSU! OSU!!” scarfs an entire bowl of Jeni’s ice cream


I just need my local Radio Shack to stay in business until December and I’m golden . . .



That attitude might explain why they had to close.


I always forget about hockey when it comes to sports, I admit!

Columbus’ love of the Buckeyes is more fervent than what a pro football team gets in most cities.


Me too, and the Blue Jackets have only existed since 2000.

Very true.

Even down south where everyone and their mother is a die-hard Bengals fan, the OSU fandom is even more rampant.


Good thing they stopped asking for addresses years ago. I’d worry about them going postal.


it’s weird that the failing company hasn’t yet made any comments about it.

You know that spokesman who was supposed to do the damage control? Yea, he’s laid off too.


The whole state, really. Beat Michigan may as well be the state motto



The Facebook comments shown in the screencaps of the article drive me crazy. Facebook has a big SHARE button where you can show this to whichever friends you want. Why do people insist on leaving a comment with just a friend’s name in it to tag them and show them the item? I don’t want to click the “8 comments” link and just see a bunch of people tagging their friends.


Okay, fuck this Protestant Ethic “they are being punished for their impropriety” bullshit.

a) This attitude is perfectly normal for any service industry employee, and if you don’t understand it you need to work more service industry hours.

b) “Attitude” doesn’t do anything to predict success. If it did, you wouldn’t see Donald “I’m president. Fuck all of you.” Trump in the White House.

(sorry, you probably didn’t expect a rant in response, but blaming “attitude” for economic woes is one of those right-wing talking points that I can’t really swallow these days)


(Skip ahead to about 1:40 to see the relevant section.)


I agree, Cyborg. It seems a little redneck and slightly narcissistic.