An online Java course for kids, taught via Minecraft

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I bought this for my 7 year old son a few months ago. It’s a well designed course with lots of entertaining and smart videos to go along with it. A few comments, though:

  1. The online help system is not great. It often takes 24 hours for an instructor to get back to you and then often they just ask for more information. I have not found this feature useful.
  2. Some of the troubleshooting levels are tricky, especially for the younger kids. It’s a good thing I know how to program already or else my son would have been completely lost (and see point #1 where the instructors are not helpful).
  3. I find that I have to monitor my son’s usage or else he’ll just play minecraft.

That being said, he’s excited to do the course, even after a long day at school. $250 is expensive, but worth it I think when you compare it to other kinds of courses.

That’s too bad about your experience with the help – I just double-checked with Ronan, he said he always got quick answers which were “right, even when I thought they were wrong”. ; ]

I was going to ask about appropriate ages for this course. I’m sure the answer will be “it depends”. I guess a better question is whether or not previous exposure to coding is necessary.

250 is a considerable amount to pop for this. I don’t want to do the course for my child. Also don’t want him to quit part-way thriugh

They say ages 8-14 on their site as a rule of thumb, also they have a 30 money back guarantee if you’re not quite sure.

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I wonder if it’s a time of day thing. We tend to do the course on evenings
and weekends (West Coast time). It may be that there is no one at the help
desk during those times.

Thanks for searching for information I could/should have done myself. And for provide it here without snark, to boot!

Sounds like it may be the perfect Christmas gift from mom and dad this year

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From what I’ve seen, if your kid is on the younger end of the age range, then you can expect to be providing some help and support yourself to get him or her through the course.

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