An open letter from Edward Snowden's father, to his son


To Edward Joseph Snowden, from his dad: "Thomas Paine, the voice of the American Revolution, trumpeted that a patriot saves his country from his government. What you have done and are doing has awakened congressional oversight of the intelligence community from deep slumber; and, has already provoked the introduction of remedial legislation in Congress to… READ THE REST


It is a nice letter and it mostly puts the focus where it should be: getting congress to investigate, assert oversight, repeal portions of the Patriot Act and de-fund the offending programs.

Still, it repeats the change that Snowden is stateless, which is false. He is a US citizen who has had his passport revoked because there are outstanding warrants for his arrest. Being a fugitive is not the same as being stateless.


Interesting letter. A bit stilted in parts, which leads me to wonder if there's a code within. I'm sure the NSA will be sending a few cycles pouring over it at the very least. smile_cat



Just wow. That's awesome.

I remember, as a kid during the Vietnam era, frequently seeing bumper stickers that said "My country, right or wrong". That always left me really confused, because my parents instilled in me a sense of right & wrong, and the belief that you should never do wrong. A nationalist believes in that slogan. A patriot believes that his country should do the right thing, in accordance to it's laws and constitution (where applicable), even when it hurts or is embarrassing.


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