An urgent proposal to make AI-generated fake people illegal

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Dennett proposes that we borrow existing technical and legal structures in place for counterfeiting money

After contributing to the potential problem, OpenAI founder Sam Altman is working to profit from the solution as well. And by “solution”, I mean making the Torment Nexus “Minority Report” future a reality, enabled by cryptocurrency!

To put the situation in perspective, Altman is one of the more responsible and level-headed players in the LLM/“AI” field.


Fake news.

“If you make fake people illegal, only criminals will have fake people.” /s

I’m in favor of labeling laws, though I think that most of the most nefarious uses would already be covered by existing fraud laws.

Life in prison for violating labeling laws does seem extreme, though.


If you make lying illegal, only liars will —

wait, how does this work :confused:

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I would love to know (in lawyer terms) how to deal with the reverse case of a real person passing themselves for an AI generated one?
Could we end up in a future where it would be cheaper to pay us meatsacks to be the IRL face of an AI influencer?

We already seen the beggining of this, with the new tik tok trend of people filming themsleves behaving like video game NPCs. I suppose it can be added to the curriculum when the robots take over.

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Get a tattoo of a watermark saying “ai generated” on your face


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