Analogue NEO is a beautiful, vintage-style arcade system


It’s still missing that teenage-sweat smell. You give me a button that makes me want to shower, and you’ve got gold!

We shall be together soon, Waku Waku 7, my love…

Their consolised MVS’ are a thing of beauty.

Man, I gotta get round to building that JAMMA/MVS/MAME cabinet.

That’s weird, I’m pretty sure the originator is this here site right here:

They seem to have also just released a reconditioned NES/SNES:


Edit: The link is kinda buried in their links to buy…

I’m embarrassed to say that my buddy owned a NEO and every time I was over we’d play games on it, but I kept wanting to go back and play Toejam & Earl. I guess that’s why he’s now a video game designer and I’m not.

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