Analysis of a far-right disinformation campaign aimed at influencing the EU elections

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If any civic-minded coder types wanted to do something that mattered, they’d destroy twitter. It’s bad for us, and it’s designed ot be. You don’t have to prove you’re a human ot use it, you can buy engagement, it encourages reacting over thinking, etc.

Sometimes, I wish we could dial the internet back to just e-mail and file transfer. And you’d have to pay a penny an e-mail to mail someone who didn’t have you on a whitelist.

Twitter is going to get us all killed, 14 characters at a time.


Small point of style @doctorow. Good that you called him out as a Nazi, but can you call him by his name, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. He didn’t write 2-4-6-8 motorway.

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Not exactly a surprise, but good on the researcher for keeping our attention on the ball. The only thing that can combat the absurd is fact based analysis. Hopefully this analysis can be used to trigger banning some of these accounts and even better help monitor for abuses moving forward. The internet will be the end of everything good in this world if we don’t wise up… and soon.

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The thing is that in most of Europe this didn’t achieve very much. There were a few candidates like this in my constituency. They bottomed the polls despite media attention (media love these people they get clicks) and lost their deposits.

I believe that this article is correct: the far right racist low information type get into power in alliance and with support of the pre existing far right elite. The republican party, the Tories etc.

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