Analysis of leaked logs from Syria's censoring national firewall


I’m not the only one that sees xvideos as the #2 uncensored site, correct?

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If you don’t want to teach the kids how to hack, you don’t block the porn I guess.


It’s not the internet censorship per se which is the problem, it’s the armed men who murder your family for perceived infractions. Syria has bigger problems than internet censorship, although the internet is a good tool for reporting those problems

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To their credit, they do block a lot of Zynga requests.


Thought. You can make your own proxies if you spraypaint your hat darker.

And you don’t even have to scan anything. Just sit there, with exposed server, and watch the logs.

Every once a while you get an attack attempt that carries a signature of a known worm. That’s a beacon that broadcasts into the internet void a message, “I am on IP x.x.x.x and I carry a vulnerability Y, come and help yourself”.

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