"Anarch", a new, public-domain Doom-like game coded from scratch in

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His system specs reminds me of the profession of “programmer at arms” in Vinge’s A Deepness in the Sky.

Maybe it’s time re-read that one again…


That is a pretty weird argument, because if you want to avoid that, you simply add dependency code to your own repo. People have been doing that for ages, because it is more effective than solving every single problem yet again. See e.g. this old book

So that has nothing to do with ecology.


It is probably worth mentioning that the developer describes himself as anarcho-pacifist, and he has written a manifesto about a non-competitive society that explains why he thinks that feminism, LGBT and Antifa are examples of “pseudo-left”, not “true left”, topped up with a load of bullshit. Especially that paragraph about LGBT is beyond the pale, I mean, WTF dude?

Maybe the main part of the manifesto, where he talks about the non-competitive society, has more substance and less bullshit, but the fact that he felt the need to “set a few things straight” in the introduction sure put me off.


Examples of this include the metoo
bullying campaign or supporting codes of conduct[COC] in free software development.



Sometimes I come across ideas that make me think “this will end up with me getting killed”. This is one of them. They are more than happy to throw me under a bus so they can keep their pacifist ideals. They haven’t yet realised that they will end up under the same bus at some point.

Bullshit like this is why organising the left-wing is like herding cats.

This person is clearly “not my comrade”.


Anyone who is not my comrade’s comrade is not my comrade!


Anarch is, as Číž says, “made to last for centuries without maintenance”. I wish more software projects aimed at that north star.

I’m sorry, but this is a ridiculous notion. The only way to do that is to code for a very very low common denominator of static hardware so that you can avoid all drivers and operating system dependencies. You can’t write modern software of any utility that way. This is a stunt, nothing more. We know this model isn’t sustainable because we tried it in the 1980s. Most software was written this way to maximize performance on limited hardware. Ultimately you hit a ceiling of effort and you can’t keep it working because the hardware is a moving target. It would take 1000 years to build Final Cut Pro or MS Word that way and they would be impossible to debug and maintain. This is why we invented libraries, drivers, and operating systems- to reduce effort and unlock increased utility in the software.

Also, this guy is a fucking bigoted homophobic asshole and let’s please not promote his work.


Not sure why, but there are quite a few bigots in the DOOM-like scene, to the point I activrly zvoid any DOOM-likes.

Ion Fury’s developers turnes out to be smelly homophobes who snuck homophobic content into their 3D Realms-published game. Then there was the Brutal Doom dev who turned out to be bigoted on multiple fronts to the point of being banned from most big forums. There’s a few others, as well, with no clear geographical pattern.

As someone who spent 23 years working in the AAA console and PC development world, this doesn’t surprise me even a little. It’s the most culturally toxic group of people I’ve ever seen. I worked for eight different companies in that time, and every single one had widespread sexism, racism, homophobia, or combinations of all three. I was sexually harassed multiple times at every job as well, just for good measure. I don’t miss any part of it.

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