And the GIF of the year is




You´re calling it rather early, but I´m inclined to agree.


I can't beat this one. Even the nope badger (though that was close):

Along the same vein as the illustration:


I give this one a lot of points just for technical prowess:


Oh man. I'm mostly internet-savvy, but the nope badger, well, did the creator of that get a unicorn? Because, you know, they deserve it.


I feel super terrible for laughing at that poor siamese. The cat is a dead ringer for my own derptastic kitteh.


I know. I've felt terrible about it for hours on end...


Because it's such a beautiful thing:

Bonus, the original footage/narration (includes a great slo-mo of the dive):

Someone does need to re-text the nope badger into Norwegian, though.




I'd guess NøP.

NøP! NøP! NøP! NøP! NøP! NøP!
Æma Üte!
Üfcka Þis

At least I'm pretty sure that's what Google Translate would have come up with, if I tried it.


Like. Wow.


There's too much "Americas funniest home videos" in there. I'm not an econut, but animals getting hurt just doesn't cut it for me.


MUST we encourage the creation of these? i don't mind them when they are well done and used sparingly, but they keep growing in use and most are just so terrible. also, the one you chose for the header is awesome.


I don' know... they are dumb and kind of silly, but hey, it's the internet. I think there is room for both highminded discussions AND dumb gifs... So I say...


I could watch that like a million times over...



The raccoon was attacking his dog.


But let us not forget and also pay humble homage to what first gave birth to the galaxy of gifs we know today...


That cat is my spirit animal...
It owes me 0.50 $US royalty for implementing a trademarked crenquis move.


yeah well that's nature smile