GIF: Cat crashes dog pizza party



Very funny - great !

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That monster’s gonna give me nightmares.

Run away, run away!!!


It’s an outrage!

I’ve turned a corner. I’m seeing “native advertising” everywhere I look. This image has a pizza box and toppings that most of us quickly recognize, whether consciously or subliminally. Some of these dogs have been cut and pasted from other images I’ve seen recently. Since smart people are being paid handsomely to come up with viral advertising for the web, I just can’t stop these dots from connecting…

Now all I want pizza and a cat.

hmm… it’s definitely possible.

it’s also possible that some random person wanted to make a funny gif. they do that sometimes. so they grabbed the first pizza pic they saw off a google image search and filled it with today’s more popular dog images and pasted it all together… for free.

I guess, by your logic, the pizza corporation wins either way in this case. but when, for instance, a gif with their pizza getting covered by snot rockets coming out of all the animal’s noses goes viral, they loose. so i reckon it all evens out in the long run.

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