The first cat picture I've ever posted to the Internet



And a job well done.

This might be the original, though the poster ambiguously references another site: flickr link

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Job well done, sir. The Internet is strong in you.

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I would characterize this as a Godzilla picture, which just happens to have been photobombed by a cat.

Yeah, sure, just one harmless cat picture, that’s how it always starts, but pretty soon you’ll try kittens, and then you’ll move onto the hard stuff and start spelling things with zeds and next thing you’ll be on YouTube doing deepdive binges of America’s Funniest petsclips, and posting canIhazes to BoingBoing at 3AM and you’ll try and cut back but then there’ll be the inevitable relapse with some cheap calico you found on Pinterest and then you’ll find yourself in some internet backroom drinking crappy coffee and admitting your powerlessness over cuteness and annoying all your friends by making pleading amends and walking briskly past pet shops saying no no it doesn’t bother me you go right ahead.

Sigh. Seen it all before.


I, for one, wish to be among the first to welcome our new overlords!

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Are they doing the mambo?

I’m pretty sure this was staged, if that helps track it down.

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'Zilla is all, like, “I love you, bro!”

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it needs more banana, less cat.

When in doubt, sniff the other animal’s butt.

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The twisted mind of the typical kaiju collector.

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