This cat in Japan has the most disturbing meow: 'ololiloliloliloliloliiiloli'


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I like the cat in the background on the stairs looking very puzzled.


That song is top notch. I had to laugh.


So I am going to be the skeptic and ask…Seems to me that he recorded a video and dubbed over whatever sound the cat actually made with his own vocals. The sniffing seems too loud for a cat, it sounds like a human nasal sound.

I’ve begun to question shit like this. Because yes it could be genuine and authentic…but so many people have been busted trying to fake something just to “go viral” that I call bullshit every time now.


It’s more amusing than disturbing tbh. Disturbing would be if the cat made sounds of children crying and/or laughing. Imagine hearing that in the middle of the night alone…


I’ve seen a couple of videos of cats making nearly the exact same sound so i don’t think its fake. Also growing up there was a neighborhood dog that made a goofy as hell bark that wasn’t too far off from this.


OMG! It’s the voice Robert DeNiro’s character Cady in Cape Fear speaking in tongues as he’s being pulling to the bottom of the river handcuffed to the sinking boat.

That cat is possessed.


My dog is doing the exact same thing.


Are you calling bull-shit on this bat-shit cat-shit?


Cat shit you say…


These guys should start a band.


Kitty gonna barf real soon. I’ve heard that little symphony before, but never with a Japanese accent. (Actually sounds more Korean.)


Seems the “nonono cat” has recently been reported as dead. Could the timing of the appearance of this phenomenon be a coincidence…?

Dance beats ain’t got nuttin’ on smooth jazz harmonics.


What? And no one has introduced Chobimaru to Cody the Screaming Dog?


That’s definitely a legit cat noise. Can’t comment on whether it was appropriated from somewhere else, though.


Maybe he’s saying Yanny, and we have to adjust the pitch to hear it.


more like a chant


I’ve had cats that occasionally make this noise. Mostly, it happens while eating, but there have been, as in the article, pre-heave examples.


sounds like a nasal polyp


Having lived with at least 12 different cats in my lifetime, he’s showing signs of fear and defensiveness. Ears laid back, pupils dilated, low, twitchy tail. This is not a happy cat.