Dog steals ice cream from fellow dog

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What is the thinking behind posting a gif of the punchline to the video you presumably want people to watch? Why bother with the video at all?


It’s a liability thing. We have to be eased into these things. Just takes one induced coronary lawsuit to bring down the whole site.


I have to admit, all these animated gifs are giving me Web 1.0 flashbacks. Then I get sad when I remember how much more freedom the internet had in those days. And then a big dog suddenly snarfs a smaller dog’s ice cream and then I don’t feel so bad anymore.


I think that the theoretical basis for it is that on mobile you may not be able to watch the video for some reason; the fact that every smartphone’s been able to watch these videos for the last 5 years be damned.

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Honestly, I kinda like it. When I don’t have a lot of time I just skim through BoingBoing, I like that the gif shows the gist of what’s going on without having to watch the whole video. And I know the whole video isn’t that long anyway, I dunno, I just like the short, concise clip, imho.


Anybody else reminded of the misandry cartoon?

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The arctic-level brain freeze that dog is going to experience will be punishment enough.


Its a doggie, doggie world.

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In this instance it’s a good job there’s an attached .gif, because I can’t watch the video in my country due to copyright. Of two dogs eating ice-cream. Because that makes total sense.


But showing the 2 second cliffnotes version ruins–or at least limits-- the effect for everyone who doesn’t want to save time by shoving it in their face–unavoidably. Can’t the GIF be hidden behind a link or something?

Pet video hipster: I was watching that YouTube video before it was cool; it’s really sold out.

Not anymore. Now it’s a dog-steals-ice cream-from-fellow-dog world.

Cooper scooper

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