Andrew 'bunnie' Huang and Adafruit's Ladyada: an in-depth interview

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I always love watching the adafruit videos but bunnie’s translation book is revelatory in a way. How many barriers could be broken if we built communication tools like that.

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Two awesome people and two heroes of mine.

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I’ve used Bunnie’s book in the Shenzhen markets … people’s eyes go wide when you pull it out and start pointing at stuff, big smiles because we’re making that extra bit of work to help close the communication gap

To be fair you can go a long way with a smile, a 谢谢, and a phone calculator - point at stuff, tell them how many you want (on the calculator), they’ll give you a price on theirs, and do a deal - it’s a cash economy, visit the ATM beforehand - but you can’t ask questions.

WeChat/Baidu translate helps a bit too

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