Inside China's 'Silicon Valley of Hardware,' Shenzhen, with hardware hacker Bunnie Huang

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I hope he’s safe, he looks exactly like the kind of person China loves to bring up on charges of espionage.

Bunnie is really well known and has no affiliations for the US gov as far as i know. Travels often to China to oversee some manufacturing or do various kinds of research on hardware components that is being produced locally, so it’d be easy to dismiss any espionage rhetoric.

I used to read his personal blog (right around the time the Chumby platform was alive)… don’t know why because i don’t have an engineering or tech related background but i found his research pretty interesting. I kind of wish the Chumby had done better, but i’m happy to see that Bunnie is kicking ass as usual.

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“A fishing village of 300,000 to [grew to] 10 million…”

That word…

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Met Bunnie at the First Maker Faire. Very smart guy who knows his way around manufacturing China style.
BTW I run a Chumby every day playing my Pandora stations perfectly.

I guess it depends where you come from - I grew up in a major town of almost 18,000 people.

Bunnie is a personal hero of mine. He’s done a lot of good things for the hacker and maker communities and just seems like a swell all around kind of guy. This was a great video.

I’ve tried to explain the principles of Moore’s law and lithography to people before because I’m just blown away by the idea that you can have transistors on a chip separated by mere atoms of distance but his explanation of Moore’s law as “reducing the font size of circuits” was totally inspired to me.

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