The Hardware Hacker: Bunnie Huang's tour-de-force on hardware hacking, reverse engineering, China, manufacturing, innovation and biohacking

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I’ve been writing about genius hardware hackers Andrew “bunnie” Huang since 2003, when MIT hung him out to dry over his book explaining how he hacked the original Xbox; the book he wrote about that hack has become a significant engineering classic, and his own life has taken a thousand odd turns that we’ve chronicled here as he’s founded companies, hacked hardware, become a China manufacturing guru, and sued the US government over the anti-hacking provisions of the DMCA.


Or, since it is not actually available on Amazon yet, order directly from the (very-cool) publisher (No Starch Press) and get “early access” to what appears to be the full e-book:


I really appreciate Huang’s work. I’m a product of the Open Source and free software community. Free and open hardware is desperately needed. Our hardware is way to opaque and insecure. There are hardware back doors in most of the computer systems we use and this is unacceptable. Huang’s work helps us break free of these insecurities. Imagine a world where hardware is open and free to inspect, hack, and improve! The cost savings could be great too!


Ironically Microsoft was cool with this book (or at least they “had an understanding” with Bunnie and didn’t try to block it). You could even buy it at their Company Store.

Bunnie is an hero of engineering to me.


The early access version has sections 1-3 of 4, which is everything except for:

PART IV: Reverse Engineering
Chapter 9: Hardware Hacking
Chapter 10: Biology and Bioinformatics
Chapter 11: Selected Interviews

Once the book is finalized, they will give you the updated PDF with the full text, including the last part.

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