Bunnie Huang's classic "Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen" is now free online

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I just hope that everyone who acts on the advice within remembers that a portion of the taxes collected on every RMB they spend there goes to fund the missile batteries which China is aiming at my home, Taiwan. Not just at military sites, but at densely populated cities. Targeted there deliberately, in the words of the PLA, to wear down public morale during an invasion, or terrorism in regular parlance.

(And of course this is my top concern because of my home, my family, my friends, but there ar also those pesky details like concentration camps in Xinjiang, an occupying army in Tibet, ‘police’ brutality in HK, a surveillance state, etc)

Just keep that in mind when you order your components there, or buy anything with ‘Made In China’ somewhere on the product. Remember what you’re funding.


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