Angry Scottish mall cop gets nasty with man recording video

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Somebody pissed in his cornflakes, also he’s a pickle up his bum.



Those are very well dressed mall cops.


Rather unsettling how quickly Agent Smith turns into multiple Agent Smiths, isn’t it?


So, they are prohibiting photos out of a misplaced sense of “security” (a mall being a “soft target”)? But the statement says they do so “under Home Office guidance”— which means they can choose to have the policy or not, at their discretion?

It just seems like such a ridiculous/unenforceable policy, considering that every human being in the mall has at least 1 smartphone and is addicted to taking selfies / posting to social media. And the stores do not want their patrons tweeting “Look where I am!”, “Look what I bought at this actual store!”, “Don’t you want to come here / buy this also”— Why not? Mall shopping is in major decline, remember, even without a pandemic. Their business model is dying— and this policy contributes to that process!

Actual terrorists can easily conceal their phones and/or the act of recording. (All you’d need to do is turn on your iphone and put it in your shirt pocket with the camera facing out.) As it is, this policy only inconveniences non-terrorists.


No excuse for the threatening duchery and intense posturing, but the guy was also sort of asking for it for not having a mask on.


One of the security guys had his mask pulled down off his nose - while hassling someone about not wearing a mask. Kind of undercuts their position there…


It’s all just a hangover of 9/11 security theater, backed by the ambient noise of corporate propriety and sharpened by guard’s ego and power issues.


Hmmm INAL, but Scottish Law is different. Like trespass laws in particular, like you can go …wherever, kinda. All kinds hiking cases. As well as a few years back when pubs tried to charge cover on new years, and got shot down because they were “public houses” and open to the public.

But life changed post security theater so who knows.


“Give three-piece a chance.” ~ Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer


The act of producing video or still images, is prohibited under Home Office guidance in privately owned places open to the general public and this is clearly stated at every entrance to the Kingsgate Shopping Centre.

The key word there is ‘guidance’ so the word ‘prohibited’ is probably an exaggeration, to put it mildly. The shopping centre may prohibit it but the Home Office does not.


Good to see that bloviating rent a cop pieces of shit aren’t just compensating for their inadequacies on this side of the pond.

I’m beginning to think that “do you want to be a security officer/police officer etc…?” should be the first question asked in any employment interview, then the affirmative respondents get dumped.

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What can’t I do? :– You cannot film on private property without permission. Shopping Centres are particularly strict about this, as are Bus, Train and other transport operators. Finding the right people to ask can sometimes be difficult but, once permission is sought it is often granted.

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Came in here hoping to learn what the actual laws are around this, so thank you.

I assume the US is similar, as I recall this coming up before on BB in the form of people filming businesses from a public sidewalk. I believe the consensus on that was that it was legal as long as you weren’t on the private property.


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