'Animal Architecture,' an awesome new photo book about the structures critters create



Missing subtitle: Living in an 84-square centimeter house


I’ll just leave this here.

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Weaver birds always fascinated me (especially the ones that build the giant colonies) – the closest thing that we had in WI were the orioles…

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Also interesting.


I wonder what sort of bowers T-rex built?


A pity Bower Birds don’t live anywhere near me. I would love to make a kit of shiny, sparkly, colorful bits to give to them to make with.

You can hang out some bright string/etc for your local birds to incorporate into their nests (I used to appropriate some of my mother’s embroidery thread every spring and hang it on branches. I would then look for nests that had used the colors in the fall when the leaves had fallen).

Our golden retriever eviscerated a stuffed animal and before we cleaned up all of the stuffing, some cedar waxwings had built a large pink nest out of it – unfortunately after the first rain it all came down because the stuffing was very absorbent.

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