A new species of Archaeopteryx


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Blackbird has spoken


In your face Intelligent Designers!


Neat. My friend invented a laser system that scans and photos fossils under different wavelengths and it reveals details we normally can’t see. He got to do it to the German sample pictured at the top of the post.

ETA - here is some photos:


When archaeologists uncovered the fossil:


I have always found it odd that birds, which evolved from reptiles, all lack teeth. This is a pretty good layperson-level explanation.


Well, they tell me Archaeopteryx is a hoax made out of eagle, iguana, and demon DNA, and then baked in the crucible of heresy.


Heresy is my favorite type of crucible.


“New species”? It’s millions of years old.


But what if they designed biological genetic evolution?


The easiest one to see in the US is the Wyoming Archaeopteryx.

I would suggest calling ahead to make sure the actual fossil is in house, they do send it out for study as mentioned in the article.


For Sale: Late Jurassic Archeopteryx. One owner, very low mileage, some light petrification. Too many extras to mention here! It may not be new, but it’s new to you! Call Manny between 6:00 and 6:15, second Thursday of the month.


Caiqueopteryx is excited by this news:


Came for this. Not disappointed.






And that doesn’t even get us to the sin of paraphyly.


Hey, the original Gizmodo article is even worse:

Not quite lizard and not quite bird, it seemed to show, almost literally, lizards evolving into birds.

[bangs head gently against wall…]


Wow…glad I didn’t RTFA. Was this going to be “the missing link”?


I would say their designer needs a lot of remedial training.


LOL. I am very into the fact that birds ARE dinosaurs. I think it’s fucking amazing. I think it’s great. Maybe mostly because when I was a kid, dinosaurs were long extinct. And then, bam, suddenly I was surrounded by dinosaurs. They shit on my car, fuck, they’ve shit on ME. I eat them regularly. I once had one as a pet. It’s fucking great.

I have been sharing this enthusiasm with others for the past couple years, since this fact kind of became more well known and widely accepted, and even taught.

You know what I learned? It actually just confuses the fuck out of people. They don’t get it. It doesn’t click. They think it’s some “technicality” or something, versus a literal, full-on truth (unless something very surprising happens in paleontology, which seems utterly unlikely).

So, what do I do? I go on, sharing my enthusiasm about the fact that:

Birds ARE dinosaurs!!! FUCKING-A!!! :star_struck: