Famed reptile fossil is actually rocks, paint, and random bones

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280 million-years-ago, when Hoaxes roamed the Earth!


I’m still a bit pissed that the Magdeburg Unicorn did not actually exist.


The initial drawings of some of the organisms found in Devonian shale was just as accurate. Thankfully, they have been revised.

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I have a friend who developed a scanning system using Laser-Stimulated Fluorescence, lasers of varying wavelengths that can bring out details not visible under regular light. Things like feather impressions and differences in coloration. He got to scan the famed Archaeopteryx fossil in Germany.

I bet if he scanned it, it would have stood out as not right.

I have a trilobite fossil that I think is at least partly fake. I can see where parts of it were glued, though that could be a repair. But I think it was a partial fossil and the rest a fabrication. It was a gift, but still.

(The species is a Phacops, which I guess is faked so much it has the nickname Fakeops.)

Example of work done with the laser system


Creationists announcing that this means all fossils are fake in 3, 2, 1…


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