Dinosaur's feathered tail found preserved in amber


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Oh, that’s where I left that…


This is so cool. I cant help wondering what would have happened if this piece of amber had been recognised for what it is 20-odd years ago, before the shift in the consensus towards feathered dinosaurs.


Let’s all hope that’s not just part of Percival Dunwoody’s feather boa that he dropped on his last…tour.


It’s actually the first definitive find of dinosaur feather in amber. There have been sedimentary fossils and inconclusive – maybe bird, maybe dinosaur – amber discoveries before. But this turning up in a market is pretty priceless. I wonder how much it was bought for?


My friend who made the laser system used to try to glean the colors of the other feather fossils, hopes to get a chance to zap this sample.


Who wouldn’t hope to get the chance to zap a fossilized dinosaur feather with a laser?

That sounds like it would rank up near the top of the “most awesome ways to advance science.”


Finally, my dream of being consumed by resurrected beasts from the distant past has a glimmer of hope.


Stop that fool! My science calculations show when the laser hits the sample, the dinosaur DNA will merge with the laser’s DNA at a scientific level, creating a new hybrid or “Lasersaurus” if you will. It will be unstoppable!


You’re going to be sad to know that feathers and hair are made of keratin and don’t have DNA.

Though I guess having a bit of tail mixed in… but pretty sure it has degraded over time.


This is exactly how Reptilicus started.


######Thinks he’s a coelurosaur. We’d have him committed, but we need the eggs.


Overheard over a Cretaceous back fence:

So, I say to him, I say, “Billy, don’t go sticking your tail into no tree sap”. And he says, “But Ma,” he says, “All the other hatchlings are doing it. It makes your feathers so smooth and shiny”. “Billy,” I says, “It’ll stick”. Does he listen? Nooooooo! So we spend two hours at the doctors and he says it might take two years to grow back and everybody’s calling him “stumpy”…


More likes. This is awesome.


Somebody get this person a B-movie contract!


That’s awesome.


I know everyone is sick of remakes, but wouldn’t it be awesome to redo the Jurassic Park movies with featured dinosaurs?


Laser raptors deserve a second chance.

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