Hunt for living dinosaurs




Birds (theropod dinosaurs) are not hard to find. There are some in my back yard right now. It is not difficult to take the "crypto" out of cryptozoology: Facts.


And chickens? Clearly velociraptors, just a bit slower and dumber.


Donald Sterling in LA, Justice Scalia in DC. They are stomping all over the place and all over people. You can't miss them, and yes, also birds.


No Alan Feduccia fans here?

The idea that birds are not dinosaurs seems more plausible than the idea that the supposed mokele-mbembe is a dinosaur. which isn't to say it seems likely.


The scariest dinosaur in my book -- the only barnyard critter that scared me as a kid.


These folks have facts:
Recent dinosaur - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science


Although it's probably not likely there are still dinosaurs around, the gorilla was believed mythical not so long ago. In 1847 somebody found some bones, and it wasn't until 1902 that Europeans observed them alive.


Well hell, if white people don't observe a thing it's not even real. Like the Americas before 1492. Or racism.


If you believe that creationist-darling Alan Feduccia is a reliable source of information, then you might want to crack a book.


If you think my post implied agreement with Feduccia's theories that birds are not dinosaurs, you might want to reread it.


"Creation Science"? Really? You had better not look at this video: It will make your head explode. It is pertinent to the discussion at hand, and is generally informative, as a fast-paced science lectures tend to be. But those who follow "Creation Science" will not be able to understand it. Consider yourself warned.


O.K. I re-read it. I stand corrected.


Heres a little cryptographic message to all of you cryptozoology doubters:


Well, the locals say this "dinosaur" does exists, so based on that logic, it may very well be real. There's lots of places that people really haven't studied yet. I think it's unlikely there's a dinosaur out there, but even just going into such a remote place could lead to the discovery of some new species.


You don't catch on to subtle clues, eh?


If you are asking if I am good at identifying a poe, the answer is no. Why?


I've actually met someone who's searched for the Mokèlé-mbèmbé amongst other unlikely-to-exist species such as the Mongolian death worm or the Orang Pendak, and I've have to characterise all the cryptozoologists I've ever met as being more the mad-scientist type, and less of the religious-nutcase.
That is to say, pleasant people all round, if slightly eccentric.


Same as the search for "Noah's ark". Pointless and futile....because they don't exist.


That's what they said about dragons.