Animated chart shows rise of death count from Covid-19 to other causes of death

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I hope visuals like these convince people that the virus is still out there killing people.


Here in one of the “ignorant fly over states”, where people are still using masks to go shopping, most people are avoiding dining out. Rubes.


The shocking bit (for me) isn’t Covid, it’s Malaria. No wonder Bill Gates has got his sights set on it.


Almost certainly the COVID numbers here and going forward are low estimates since some regions and counties have an incentive to under-report to making people believe there isn’t a problem in a given region or country.


Not to discount the reality of the pandemic, but one has to wonder why drugs and alcohol were included, but smoking-related disease was not. That would almost certainly still win. I mean, for tobacco, 350K is like one month of death, globally.


It is almost as if there is no effort for US to solve malaria deaths because it doesn’t take a significant toll on the US. If it was re-established in the Mississippi Valley today, you can bet we would suddenly have a treatment?


Surprised to not see heart disease and cancer on their.

According to the WHO over 9 million people died from ischaemic heart disease in 2016. That’s not including stroke, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for another almost 6 and 3 million respectively.


You are correct. I just noted the title “Selected…”


“It’s just like the flu!”



“Selected Global Causes of Deaths” - they aren’t going to included something that COVID-19 hasn’t caught up with yet.
These are things (with the exception of malaria, probably) that most US citizens are familiar with; they know someone who died from these things. It has to feel real and personal to them before they’ll agree that public health outweighs their freedumb.


California is a bizarre case, there were a lot of pixels spilled over how New York had a lot of lessons to learn from CA, and maybe there were, but it seems NY learned them and CA forgot them. NY is now under 1,000 cases per day (down from a high of over 8,000/day!) and CA continues to slowly rise, and hovers in the 2,000s…

Perhaps it is just that, the CA had some early victories and got complacent, and NY got doused, so is still on edge. Or maybe your right-wing “upstate” militias are more adamant about their constitutional right to a haircut than ours.

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ah, yes i missed that detail. (@yogiBoba).

That makes sense. lets hope then that it never gets to the point we need to compare to Cancer or Heart Disease.

i found this interesting:

using the choices at the bottom, i found this “Change in the Number of Deaths by Cause” to be eyeopening to see how covid seemingly skews causes deaths by heart disease as well as Alzheimers and dementia.


I’m still trying to locate an updated graph or, better yet, something like this that excludes New York. That “flattened curve” won’t look so flat, anymore.


Nope. Fox News and our “leadership” has turned this into a political issue rather than a public health one.


Because smoking isn’t going to show up as a cause of death to any substantial degree. People rarely die of smoking, they die of other causes where smoking makes it more likely that you’ll have the other cause.


the point of “suburbia” was not to separate people in case of a pandemic, but it’s pretty good for that

According to Dr. Steven Novella over at the SGU, the curve is definitely not flat if you exclude the early-peaking states (which are the upper east coast, basically). The curve is far from flat in the other 46 states. I don’t have a graph for you, just what he has been saying on the podcast.


Sure, but many will die of lung cancer, emphysema, in direct result of smoking. Not everyone who dies of drugs or alcohol effects will be killed directly by those chemicals.

Oh, yeah. Perhaps the moneyed crowd from the lush hillsides. Can’t get ‘proper’ cappuccino otherwise.