Animated infographic of Covid death toll

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This is not TGIF material.


This data is not beautiful.


notice no ‘Russia’. this is presumably because the error bars, were there error bars, as there ought to be (“Too much clutter!”, says the graphics artist), included would render Russia’s data nearly the full ordinate span. So horribly sad… if not for 77,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin there’d been no trump and the U.S. death curve would’ve likely been halved.


we should have locked down and stayed there until we had 30 days without a new infection.


Whats fascinating about this is China’s statistics. I mean, we know they lie, but in this day and age, they cannot lie enough to cover up to any great degree. Social media, the internet, whistleblowers: if there were significant numbers of bodies piling up in China, we’d know about it.

And yet China — where the virus had the original outbreak — has death toll 1/100th of the US.
This, still, is stunning.


Great, now the Johns Hopkins ArcGIS tracking website is Boinged. Not sure if I’m madder at the BBS hoards or ESRI.


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Watching that trace rise like a glorious rocket last May and thinking “America wins again!” #Thanks45


A deeper dive into the data from the pandemic and its response or lack there of. From Roman times to the present, trial runs / training exercises in mass genocide are well documented, evidentiary proof available to all. Where I’m going with this requires us to jump to how the data will serve us or serve us up. Take a moment to tinker with this, I believe the evidence will bare out, and I’m none to happy to proffer this, but its probabilities & possibilities are there if we look into histories events.

Thank you for listen to my Ted Talk.

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All of the countries are or were led by people intent on quick wins and being popular rather than making tough decisions.

Wonder if that had anything to do with the outcome? \s


On the other hand, if it wasn’t for Covid, we would very likely be stuck with him still. Lose-lose. It is profoundly strange to live through such a grim period knowing that without it you’d probably be in a far worse situation. Imagine this happening in March ‘21 instead of ‘20.


I would like to see this normalized by population. The US is currently around 14th (according to Coronavirus Dashboard) which is still REALLY REALLY BAD and would be a lot better if we’d had sane and reasonable political leadership when it mattered most, but we’re not on a solo trajectory to the moon while everyone else is earthbound.


Let the eagle soar!

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I mean honestly forcing people to comply with public health orders is one of the things where a strict, authoritarian government really excels. I don’t think it’s a NET POSITIVE, and I’m not saying ‘hey we should have our own Xinnie the Pooh’, but when you barricade people into apartment buildings and kill travel, surprise surprise, COVID really drops off the radar.

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I agree, but FYI there was a long discussion thread on that very topic that grew contentious and was deleted by the moderator.

I do wish that when a moderator chooses to delete multiple posts like that that they would leave a brief note of explanation so that we know what and why things got deleted and what should be avoided in future conversations.


Thanks for the info!

Right wing strong men Trump, Bolsonaro and Modi showing the world how it is done /s

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