Animated history of the English language


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A ten minute video would have been fine. But eleven minutes and twenty-one seconds? No way, I’m too busy.

Hmm, I thought Werewolf was a Latin-Germanic compound word? Latin for man being ‘vir’, ‘wolf’ being a Germanic word. So man-wolf.

Romans famously all had a kind of speech impediment and pretty much sounded like this :wink:


Everything you need to know about Dr.Johnson in one minute and forty seven seconds:


Why is it that the English always come up with the best ways of explaining English? Probably because they’ve been using it longer than the rest of us. I just wish I could jump a few hundred years forward and watch the new version of this explaining how Chinese became a global language.

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I think the engineering and construction use of the word firewall came before the internet.

This video was amusing but packed with clichés, stereotypes, and little errors like the one above.


English is germanic and was more so back when Saxons were speaking it. W in wolf is very english.

Yes that was my thoughts. There are large amounts of Latin, French & Germanic in the english language. Interestingly small amounts of word heritage from languages like Hindi. Shampoo for example.

Gotta admit that you have. Completely ommited around 800 years of Arabic language influence on the English language

Not quite, the Germanic “wer” and Latin “vir” are both derived from the same Indo-European root for “man”, but evidently neither side borrowed directly from the other.

Many thanks for that.

Absolutely! Or their invaluable influence re-starting science :slight_smile: Thanks for the link.

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