Tracing how languages are related to one another


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Oh yea? Well if English evolved from German, then why are there still Germans?



I dare anyone here to say “Oachkatzlschwoaf” (tail of a squirrel) out loud.


Probably because they remained in Germany instead of moving to Britain and inventing English


Institute for Creation Linguistics:

I mean, really: how could accident, randomness, and the Germans come up with a word like “schadenfreude”?? It clearly is the product of divine intention…

Also too:

How does evolutionary linguistics explain the irreducible complexity of the expression “irreducible complexity”… ??


I said it aloud three times in front of a mirror. Is there any way to break the curse or transfer it to someone else?


What the hell kind of dialect is that? I usually just say Schwanz des Eichhörnchens, but my German isn’t fluent.


I don’t think the English language can be said to have been “invented.”

More like “crawled its way into existence through an infernal portal.”

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