Animated interview with Alfred Hitchcock


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He certainly had a special sense of humor. And then there’s this from a Hitchcock book of scary stories, one I had as a child:

A touch unnerving. (And why is Hitch up in the ceiling?)



Holy hell, that’s an early depiction of the legendary were-moose, terror of the frozen canadian wastes!

Well, he’s mellowed out since, but back in those days, whew! he’d stalk you for miles before stealing your hat and scaring the bejeezus out of you.


I love these animated takes.


I always associated that with the Mary Poppins movie and Uncle Albert and the other levitating laughers - but of course it wasn’t. I loved those Hitchcock books though,

And make Rocky watch him pull a rabbit out of it?


I liked Hitch describing his dinner party pranks. One was to have formal name cards for each place setting that matched no one invited, just to see who would twig first. Another (shades of George Carlin here) where the entire meal from the butter on down was colored blue.


You and I had the same book!


Yep. Those books were popular!


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