Animated interview with Ayn Rand

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It took me a minute to find the link.

But the gif and the headline and no actual interview gives me the idea of a TUMBLR of horror movie gifs juxtaposed with Ayn Rand quotes.

Something like: “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”
And then


Do one for “If man wants love, he should correct his flaws and he may deserve it.”


It occurred to me that the Achilles heel of Objectivism can be summarized in one word:


I mean the dramatic thrust of Atlas Shrugged was that the fed-up, productive rich would all vanish from society someday leaving the moocher class to wallow in economic ruin.

Except, the productive rich do leave society in real life. It’s called death. And those horrible moocher children, who needed adults to teach them all the basics and feed them lest they die for all their helplessness, are the ones who take over. And somehow, society doesn’t crumble.


And before that, gated communities. Or private islands.


Mike Wallace: As we said at the outset, “If Ayn Rand’s ideas were ever to take hold, they would revolutionize the world.” And to those who would reject her philosophy, Miss Rand hurls this challenge. “For the past 2000 years the world has been dominated by other philosophies. Look around you, consider the results.”

What a nutty way to conclude the interview. That “challenge” would apply equally well to literally any non-mainstream philosophy.

“I think everyone would be better off if we based our society on that of hamsters—living in cities made of interlocking plastic tubes, furnishing our homes with wood chips, sleeping piled atop each other to conserve body heat, eating our own young when the mood strikes us. For those who reject this idea, I hurl this challenge: for the past 2000 years the world has been dominated by non-hamster-based philosophies. Look around you, consider the results.”


Or alternately:

These sad saps. They come to Rapture thinking they’re gonna be captains of industry, but they all forget that somebody’s gotta scrub the toilets

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I just saw Tomorrowland over the weekend (which had its moments but was still basically a ridiculous Randian fairytale) and was thinking the same thing. And don’t give me that “robots will do it” crap, because that just means someone’s gotta clean the toilet-cleaning robots.



Beautiful, could only hear it in Fraaaank Fontaaaine voice.

Would ya koindly



It’s hard to tell what kind of judgement he’s placing on the past, but his challenge either hides his stupidity or his contempt.

I have no opinion on Rand or her philosophy, but she really outclassed him in this snippet.

I would gladly sign up for your newsletter.

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