Animation explains the dangers of Computercop, the malware that US police agencies distribute to the public


“ComputerCOP”…even the name would make me think twice before inflicting it on my kids. If I had teenagers around the house anymore, I’m pretty sure they would have figured out a workaround for this dumbass software.

Keystroke logging…what an innovative security tool…from the mid-90s.

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Is it just me, or is the video pretty thin on why plaintext sending is bad. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know why plaintext is bad, but the video doesn’t sell me on what the actual risks to Timmy’s pants are through it’s use. I think this video makes sense to people already concerned about the issue, but not to the people who have no background in this stuff.
And the “What?” comment on drug-dealer seized money is not helpful - why is that a shocking thing? Why not suggest an alternate use for the money, like outreach programs that put the cops back into frequent contact with citizens outside a potential crime situation, so the cops don’t automatically treat every encounter like someone needs to get shot. Or maybe helping parents develop trust with their families, so they can have open conversations.

Ditto on the name. Reminds me of Prism, before they had congressional hearings on the technology and renamed it from Carnivore. But I find the name Prism more frightening by virtue of its euphemism.

And its nasal hair-breadth-away-from-a-homophone.

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