Hundreds of US police forces have distributed malware as "Internet safety software"




Anyone out there inspect the source code to see if recording keystrokes locally is ALL this program does, or that when emailing out a record, the selected recipient is the only one who gets an email? This sounds so easy and tempting to corrupt.


So is the problem just that it stores its logs in plain text, and not the massive invasion of privacy that it represents?

Presumably parents who installed this would be completely OK with reading their kid’s diary, monitoring all their conversations and following them around 24/7. Just because someone is a child doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to have a reasonable expectation of privacy too.

Seems rather pointless too; an on-screen, clickable keyboard would circumvent it completely and you can bet your arse that any kid who knows they’re being spied on (and that they are inherently untrusted) is going to find that out in about 30 seconds.


You say that as if such parents don’t exist. They do.


So, the police handle internet/computer security about as competently as they do real life security? Giant f-ing surprise. These folks aren’t computer scientists or computer security experts.

The operative lesson though becomes “Do not trust the Police, or the software they promote”.

Frightening though that this degree of invasion of privacy is (I mean, why would you want to demonstrate that you trust your children, or teach them how to handle online issues in a mature fashion etc… when you can just spy on their every activity?), is that some a-hole sheriff thought that EVERY family in his county would want this sort of crap.

And, I suspect that there are going to be a LOT of freaked out parents that find out that their little pubescent angels are visiting sites to spank it to porn that they may find pretty frightening (or distasteful). I can just see the family meetings that this product will cause: "Johhny, can you come in here for a minute please? Your Mom and I know that you’ve been watching “giant black dongs vs. ladyboy milfs VII” …


What’s wrong with GBDvLM7? It’s the poignant epilogue to the hex-ology showcasing the stark juxtaposition of the inherent power and strength of giant black dongs compared to the tender fragility of the ladyboy milfs. It’s a veritable commentary on how too much of a good thing can only lead to prolapse and ultimately exhaustion of the subject.


How would the cops feel if I installed “internet safety software” on their computers to keep them safe?


The trailers for the upcoming prequels are EPIC:


(these are best enjoyed at 720p and FULL SCREEN)



I did a quick look at both the ComputerCop web site and the EFF article and did not see any option to download the software, nor any hashes, VirusTotal links or other information usually shared when discussing potentially unsafe applications such as keyloggers. Does anyone have any pointers to hashes or URLs for the software in question?


But infantilization is what authoritarians DO. It’s why they get up in the morning. They do it to adults, so they DEFINITELY do it to children.


See‽ This is what I’m talking about! The prequels revel in the delicious floppiness and the springy energy of the youthful dong!


My daughter’s mother put some kind of lunatic net nanny software on their PCs. I gave my daughter a Linux bootstick.




Next you’ll be telling us that those armored vehicles they keep buying aren’t really just for escorting old ladies to church on Sunday…


At last we have an answer to the question, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


You’re a good dad. :slight_smile:


Occasionally. I would note, that when this happened, she was eighteen…


What a great way to show your daughter you trust her decisions as she enters adulthood. /s


Also, if she’s technologically inclined enough, teach her how to find the executables of the offending malware and render them harmless.


She just lives at my house, which is a much simpler hack.