Animation of planned LEGO museum


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I’d reject the proposal and blacklist the firm from any further bids for choosing that atrocious song.


I don’t think you understand; that music will be playing the entire time you’re in the Lego museum. On a loop. Forever.

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what a SOUL-LESS building. the exact opposite of what lego used to represent. …at least to 8-year old me.

It’s an impressive animation, and the starting point of stacked blocks is good, but I’m not seeing ‘Lego’ (fun, play, whimsy, children, colour, change, adaptability) within the building itself. Instead it looks like any other (exquisitely designed) contemporary art gallery - stark, empty and white. Not a place that elicits joy and playfulness; I can’t see kids having fun here.
(Speaking as an admirer of Ingel’s other projects, at least in their conceptual form: I’ve yet to see how one actually performs when constructed. His concepts are always big and ambitious)

PS ‘Lego’ isn’t an acronym. I don’t know why people think it has to be capitalized.

My god ! That MUSIC, not only was it so bad, it was by far the loudest vimeo I’ve ever come across, my speakers are bust.

The company’s own brand guidelines define the correct usage as LEGO, so in their official text you’ll always see it capitalised. Rightly or wrongly, they also consider LEGO to be an adjective - “LEGO bricks” is correct, but “LEGO” is not, according to them. I suspect something like “Legos” probably makes them burst into flame.

“we’re coming with an army of overlords”?

Being a dane ive just about had it with Ingel’s soulless stuff, its popping up here n there n everywhere…
Dammit whatta heritage we’re leaving behind…
But some kids in Delaware build a “11-Story LEGO Tower Is Officially the World’s Tallest”

I can’t imagine how looking at displays of LEGO kit boxes will be very engaging. The LEGO skyscraper and architecture exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington DC was successful because of the room filled with tables and thousands and thousands of LEGO pieces. Kids and adults would have spent all day creating if the museum hadn’t set time limits.

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