10 very large LEGO projects

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Or you can buy it straight from Lego and save yourself $200


I could make the same thing with like twenty LEGOs. Big woop. And Minecraft blocks don’t cost anything at all.



I’ve been enjoying Kawada Nanoblock sets of famous world landmarks for a couple years now, and thought it was weird that LEGO never did anything similar. I guess they finally started. I think I’ll stick with Nanoblocks though, as they’re much smaller and easier to display, and a lot cheaper (if less detailed). Though to be honest, their Taj Mahal in particular is not one of their better sets, while the LEGO one is beautiful.

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I think that guy could have sold that house but he made it so ugly. It could have been stylish in crazy ways but he made a flat striped box - no 3d shapes, no ornamental windows or columns, no breaks in the pattern it actually looks like a 5 year old built it. It’s very much an homage to that experience but I wouldn’t want to live in it much less pay $$$ for the experience either.

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VLLA The Very Large Lego Array
VULLVA The Very Ultra Large Lego Virtual Array
UVULA The Uncanny Very Ultra Lego Array
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I was going to say…

A new version with 5923 pieces? Is it better?

Lego have their Lego Architect line which has small scale models of buildings and skylines. (I only just found out they make models of their factories as gifts for their employees!). It’s been going for almost ten years now.
Mind you, the original Lego sets were intended for building toy houses, they just turned out to be good for building everything else as well.

Thanks for that, I checked them out… still way too big for my living situation, though, too expensive (when they’re still buyable at all) and a lot of them seem weirdly monochrome… I guess they were trying to be “realistic” but it looks like they sucked out all the color and made them dull and lifeless. Still, knowing they’re not all as good as the Taj Mahal makes me feels better about sticking with Nanoblocks.

I guess most would rather have one of those.

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