Lego's doing a 4,080-piece, $350 Cinderella's castle

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That looks pretty great. I’d love it if it meant they might do a Haunted Mansion set too… They did a great Haunted House a few years ago that regularly makes me wish I’d gotten back into Lego a few years sooner.

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See those little pieces on the sides of the towers? That’s the fuselage of the biggest space ship they make… or used to.

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Bigger than this?

I think not.


Can I put it together, look at it, take it apart, and then return it?

cute : P


Executor. Pfft. Lousy Imperial workmanship! As I recall, it was brought down by an Ewok with a pair of tree trunks.


I love that the SSD has a Clone Trooper as the header image. I mean, talk about mixing your generations.

Sadly, despite been the largest lego set ever built (I have empirical evidence on that, just ask my 8 year old self) it ended in tragedy


wow, that is a good deal, these days $350 barely gets you this…

some other new sets coming soon…


I hadn’t realized lego made such exquisite foliage.

I hate Legos. I humbly offer this picture of (albeit well-organized, TOO organized) Legos found in my bathroom. Given my recent history of Legos shoved in the toilet, I took the picture as proof for my sister that my husband was gaslighting me. We clearly need a hobby other than tortuing one another.

It’s beautiful

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