This LEGO Addams Family Mansion needs to happen

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I swear if they made a Haunted Mansion nose-hair remover…


I get the impression that the Addams rights-holders are a bit tight-fisted about this sort of thing? Consider what happened to Adult Wednesday Addams.

In any case, is it not the habit to build it once, then chuck all the pieces into the bucket?

What about the LEGO Manson Family?


I would get one. Absolutely.

I do miss that. :slightly_frowning_face:

With big sets like this, nobody in their right mind would just toss the pieces in a bucket. The habit is more to count every piece as you put them away. Something this big would likely cost more than $600.

Having said all that… I am pretty sure that noose is not an “original Lego piece with no modifications.” Other than that, it’s pretty cool!

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In other news the real Charles Addams’ family house is to be renovated–maybe a lego theme?

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I used to have a Lego castle that had cord for the drawbridge and portcullis. I think the noose is fair game.

Me<-----Lego apologist


I’ll buy that!

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I don’t know, I’m kind of picturing a little Lego Neil Gaiman standing out the front…


Surely someone noticed this: “The registered historic landmark is located on Elm Street,”

Morticia doesn’t have bangs! But I still want this.


This is an amazing and beautiful set!

It doesn’t stand a chance of being commercialized. Both the complexity of the set requiring a huge range of specific pieces, the resulting cost, and the niche market (I know Addams is loved… But it’s not a fraction of, say, Star Wars) means that it’s not practically or economically feasible to turn it into a standardized set.

Love the idea, though.

Does it come with a tiny pot of boiling oil?

Parts of Star Wars, I humbly suggest. You wouldn’t believe how many places I’ve had to go to find a Rey Star Wars Lego set for my little girl, who is obsessed with her. Holy grail doesn’t begin to describe … and pardon me, but wasn’t she the main fricking character of the most recent installment?


Should I? :open_mouth:

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