"Seinfeld" in LEGO

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Needs more Bubble Boy! :smile:


It’s neat to look at for a few minutes, but considering there’s barely even a stud visible it seems a bit pointless to call this LEGO at all.


It’s funny how Legos have become this adult collectible, where middle-aged men will have their Millenium Falcon Lego model on display like the modern equivalent of a ship in a bottle.

Legos are supposed to be about making your own designs. Can I remake the Seinfeld kit into another sit-com?


The minifigs are well done, except Kramer could use bigger hair, and Jerry’s face lacks any Seinfeldness. I know minifigs have no noses, but maybe put his eyes closer together? A toothier grin?

I guess I never realized what a weird shape Jerry’s flat had. I also didn’t realize that there was some standard to the “LEGOness” of a kit based on how many studs are visible. It’s still built with LEGO, and there is art to making standardized pieces look custom.

Somebody already did that for you:

But I agree, the reusability of a lot of sets is very low, with so many specialized bricks and different colors.

And w.r.t. ship in the bottle:


I suppose there is a certain appeal to throwing everything together to make a massive nonsensical sitcom mashup.

Then all the casts can get together to pilot Voltron and fight the Death Star.

Make a ridiculous stop motion animation out of it all and if it goes viral you can probably make back a tiny fraction of the ginormous sums of money you’d spend on all of it.


The specialized pieces are actually gold for people that take custom builds pretty seriously, i’ve heard of people buying entire sets just so they can get their hands on a single particular piece you can’t find elsewhere.


When I saw the post I thought this would be a “Lego Movie” style version of a Seinfeld episode. Oh well. :frowning:

Still, pretty cool Lego set. :slight_smile:

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Now there is hope that every episode of Seinfeld will be re-shot, made entirely of Lego.


Funny you should mention that. My son is a Lego fanatic and for years he wanted a simple AT-AT walker even though he’s not a huge Star Wars fan (thank dog). This was when it was still “in print”. It was an expensive set, but not as crazy as the Falcon. It was impossible to find other than on eBay for $300. A lot of these… gentlemen… fund their collections by buying up limited or highly desirable sets and chiseling parents.

I bought him a Mattell version instead. Screw those creeps.


Aliexpress. I’ve had friends by the Lepin versions of these and say that they are nearly identical. Not as PERFECT of a fit as Lego and you’ll have stickers as opposed to printed bricks. And usually about a third of the price.

It is kinda cool as Lepin has done a few ‘ideas’ that have never made it to the official side of things – one where the author listed all the parts and had videos of how to make your own, and they took it – and he ended up linking directly to it because it was much cheaper than buying all the bricks ad hoc and making you had all the right colors and all that. He ended up buying a bootleg of his own creation giving it the thumbs up even with all its complexity.

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Thanks or the recommendation, but I refuse to allow anything other than authentic Lego© bricks into the house. Years ago when he inherited 8 cu ft of old Legos (yes, I know you don’t pluralize it; don’t @ me) I went through and removed every Mega Block and (shudders) Better Block. Took me 6 hours and was worth every moment.

Mine are all authentic…I was REALLY on the edge about the Saturn IV but then I found it at B&N for $80 with a coupon that didn’t specify NO LEGO as most of them do (generally $120).

HOWEVER, when it comes to stuff that is expensive simply for the sake of being expensive…its the journey I want, not the authenticity. There is a space shuttle that has been out of print for years that I will probably just go with the fake. I’d love to be able to find the original, but ya know…not worth it.

That said, I’m probably getting the Steamboat Willy and the new Lunar Lander authentic…both not THAT expensive. But the Shuttle? I can’t find the authentic version for less than $500…and who knows if it actually is authentic.


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Yeah, the shuttle was a high water mark, for sure. When I buy for him I basically just look for a) cool pieces he doesn’t have like weird windshields and b) the highest diversity of color and design. I really like getting him the Creator series for this reason and avoid branded sets. However, the LOTR Bag End set he got from Grandma was pretty amazing. It had a full larder including sausages!


I didn’t even hit the link before responding. That lunar lander is pretty boss. They really whiffed it on the astronaut’s suits, though. I think they were borrowed from another set entirely.

Also, it made me realize that I meant the Creator 3 in 1 sets. You can’t beat the value of 3 in 1!

The Taj Majal one is cool :slight_smile: i like their architectural sets.



This is true. Plus reliance on specialized pieces was really a 90s LEGO problem. Not so much now, even in the larger Creator level stuff.

To be fair though, it’s not an “either-or” situation.

Lego can both make specialized kits for adult collectors and also, at the same time, make a 400 piece bucket of standard bricks for anyone who wants them. Why not both?

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