Pre-order a festishistically detailed 1:26 replica of Seinfeld's apartment 5a set


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Order now and get a free Newman action figure!


Hello, Newman.


Does Steve Bannon get a cut of this too?


Superman seems to be conspicuously missing. Shouldn’t he be on the second-from-top shelf in that bookshelf in the center?


Oh no! I bet you have to stencil your own Apple logo on the computer, too.


What is the deal with these little apartment models?!


I was about to write the same thing. The Superman refrigerator magnet is missing as well. Trouble getting the merchandising rights from DC maybe?


Ya but is it to scale with these guys?


What a bizarre thing to mail-order. If you were that obsessed with Seinfeld, wouldn’t you build your own?


Possibly the buyer does not have the know how?


He’s there - just transparent.



Please excuse the crudity of this model. I didn’t have time to build it to scale or paint it.


Kramer would. Jerry would just date a girl who has it, feed her rich food and wine, then play with it after she nods off.

[Edit: And Gutierrez beat me to it. Now I’ll spend the rest of the day regretting that I left this comment halfway through to go take that poop. I’ve said too much]


1:26 scale? How does that choice come to be made? I don’t see that scale as standard to anything else…


who knew the Doc was such a Warhammer 40K fan…


Where’s the Snapple?


I must admit, I’m shamelessly stealing this joke, but:


Don’t call them that, call them cozy. It’s the only sort of thing anyone can afford these days.