6-foot-nearly-9-inch tall model holds the title for world's longest legs


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umm err, uhh. probably admitting too much here but I’ll be in my bunk.


Finally, someone who matches the obscenely long legs in comics. :confused:


What ever do you mean?


OH… Rob Liefeld. Making little boys think they too have a shot at mediocrity in comics since 199something.


to be perfectly honest…he is the worst, but it isn’t just him…


Oh I am aware. Scott Campbell does some pretty good cheesecake work, but he too exaggerates proportions. Though I think he is better than he used to be. (though I am not into comics as I once was).

Image had the worse offenders.

Granted some exaggeration is ok some times, but stuff like the example get ridiculous.

Also, this image was in an ad for Ms Fury in several of my Shadow comics. Overall it is a decent fish eye distorted image - except that left leg. HOW is that attached to the rest of her body? How can someone who I think did a good job other wise screw that part up so bad? If I was the editor I’d have moved it via photoshop.


Possible to use the SI metric system in your articles, so that 99,9% of the world can understand the given values, too?


does that beat long necked animals


Yeah, that… really doesn’t work, does it?
I mean, I’m 6’1" and find the bath a bit short, but crikey that drawing is WAY off.


Granted, I don’t know the character. I think it is a pulpy cat woman clone. But maybe it is detachable?


When it comes to ladies in comics I refer to one man and one man only…Adam Hughes…plenty of folks will critique his work, but to me he is a master at balancing comics and reality.


(the left one is a tad longer).

I think that’s my fav…


Maybe the glue came undone in the bath?:thinking:


her: You picked a favorite?
me: You were asleep I was bored.
her: well, which one…
me: The left one.
her: alright, is everyone ready to see a breast?
JEFF: NO NO NOT THE RIGHT ONE…The left one…We want the good one.


ESTABLISHMENT WITH FORMAL DRESS CODE: We don’t allow shorts in here, Ma’am.

MODEL: I’m wearing slacks!!


I’d go more for Alex Ross, but Hughes is really rather good.


The leg that’s coming out of the bath, where her foot looks very large, seems like it’s a warped perspective (like a convex mirror) but I can kind of reconcile it (imagining a very small bathtub). But that other knee, the angle of it. Yeah, it’s like she separated at the waist and her lower half has drifted towards us and to our right.


Or not since the metric system is the WORST!

Hehe, I know it’s not bad, but seriously it is very difficult to adjust to it. They’ve been telling me it’s coming since grade school but it’s seriously not…in the U.S…where BoingBoing is published.