Distracted Lego boyfriend


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I thought this was going to be a jab at Lego Friends™, with the Lego Friends fig as the passing accidental temptress.

I’ve made some kind of peace with Lego Friends after sharing the zeitgeisty rage (which I still think is pretty valid) but MAN the TV show is unforgivably terrible, especially by “Media made by Lego, inc.” standards


Quality workmanship. I was expecting minifigs again.

In my day, every single minifig had the same vapid smile! We didn’t have all these fancy painted-on facial expressions and makeup and eyebrows and whatnot, and we liked it! Grumblegrumblegrumble.


On the left, mine would be labeled “new fountain pen”





By reddit user RS_Skywalker, spotted here.


Off topic, but how come I can’t find any adult size LEGO t shirts?
“Fun” t shirts from threadless etc don’t count.


In his defense, she is stacked.

I’ll let myself out now.


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